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Draw The Goon, Win Stuff

ImageLove Eric Powell’s The Goon? So do we! Are you artistically inclined? Good! Draw The Goon, impress Dark Horse and Eric Powell and you could be chosen to win The Goon entire library and a whole bunch of other really cool Goon stuff! So get the pencils out and get to work, ya hear?

For more information, please visit DarkHorse.com


The Walking Dead Escape 2012

How many of you read or have read The Walking Dead, raise your hand. Now take that hand and grab your machete and/or shovel. Because what you thought you could only experience (rather vividly, if I might add) in comic books and television is now a reality. Wait, let me rephrase that. You can now escape zombies in reality. Please don’t kill them because that would bring up a whole slew of legal problems that San Diego just doesn’t need. That’s right, folks, step right up for The Walking Dead Escape this year near San Diego Comic Con.

Petco Park is the stage for a zombie infested obstacle course that will make you “climb, crawl, hide and slide” your way to safety. But surviving isn’t the only way to participate in this 3-day event. If you’re more zombie inclined, buy a “walker” ticket and get made up by the pros to look like a zombie and participate in the course. Then of course, if you’d like to just watch these people run around a zombie infested ball park as if it were the pages of the Walking Dead come to life, buy a spectator ticket and watch from a safe distance.

One of the cool parts of participating, besides the fact that you can tell your friends you survived The Walking Dead, is that each Survivor and Walker will receive a special, exclusive edition of the 100th issue of The Walking Dead.

With as popular as this franchise has become, this is the perfect addition to a San Diego Comic Con must-see/do list. Though not officially affiliated with the SDCC, this event will be taking place July 12-14, 2012. The earlier you buy your tickets, the cheaper they’ll be (for Survivors at least, Walker and Spectator prices have yet to be announced.) If you’re in the area, I’d definitely check it out. Who knows, if it’s a success maybe they’ll put one on at the next New York Comic Con.

July Events!

July Events!

  • Sunday, July 1st – Tuesday, July 31st   TOY DRIVE ALL MONTH! Donate your new and gently used toys to those in need. We will pass these to Nemours Children’s Hospital and local community groups. Thank you!
  • Monday, July 2nd   12:01am (Tuesday morning!!) Amazing Spider-Man Midnight Showing
  • Tuesday, July 3rd   Amazing Spider-Man Showings for Regular People
  • Wednesday, July 4th   Independence Day!  New Comics Day!  Open regular hours all day!
  • Saturday, July 7th  Inside Sidewalk Sale!  Titus is digging out the good stuff he’s been hiding behind all those doors and is putting it all out for you at DEEP DISCOUNTS 10am-8pm  Bring your toy donations!
  • Tuesday, July 11th   Walking Dead #100 Midnight Release Party and IMAGE SALE!  7pm – 1am Be the first to pick up TWD #100 with your choice of cover, get 25% OFF Image Graphic Novels, enter in our Door Prizes! Prepay anytime after 7pm and pick up your book later at your convenience! (Not before 12:01a!)
  • Friday, July 13th   Magic The Gathering 2013 Release Party! 7pm  Sealed Booster Draft!
  • Thursday, July 19th  12:01 am (Friday morning!!) Dark Knight Rises Midnight Showing
  • Friday, July 20th  Dark Knight Rises Showings for Regular People