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What Do You Get For The Person Who Likes …?

Comic book readers and collectors are difficult to buy for. Fact. We’re here to help you with all your gift giving needs this holiday season and all year round. Fact.

If they like…The Walking Dead:

  • Y The Last Man (Vertigo) Yorick is the last man on earth, literally. And now he must survive a world of women and figure out what’s happened.
  • Sweet Tooth (Vertigo) An original ongoing series from one of today’s top talents, Jeff Lemire. Mad Max meets Bambi in this post-apocalyptic tale where the only children born after The Plague are human/animal hybrids.

If they like…alternative chefs:

  • Chew (Image) Eisner Award winning ongoing series about an FDA agent in a future where chicken is illegal and the FDA is the most powerful government agency.

If they like…dystopian futures:

  • Transmetropolitan (Vertigo) Warren Ellis goes cyber-punk in this tale about Spider Jerusalem, a renegade journalist documenting a corrupt system.
  • Channel Zero (Dark Horse) Brian Wood is truly a master of his craft with this graphic novel set in the near future. “Big Brother meets Dark Angel in New York City.”

If they like…zombies:

  • Rachel Rising Terry Moore’s current ongoing series about a girl who wakes up….after dying.
  • I, Zombie (Vertigo) A zombie and her friends. Life as normal….right?

If they like…Once Upon A Time:

  • Fables (Vertigo) The vast series that’s ongoing about fables living in New York and the society surrounding them.

If they like…aliens and dirty politics:

  • Saucer Country (Vertigo) “X-Files meets West Wing” (Comicbookresources.com)

If they like…to pick out their own books:

  • Gift Certificates!

Draw The Goon, Win Stuff

ImageLove Eric Powell’s The Goon? So do we! Are you artistically inclined? Good! Draw The Goon, impress Dark Horse and Eric Powell and you could be chosen to win The Goon entire library and a whole bunch of other really cool Goon stuff! So get the pencils out and get to work, ya hear?

For more information, please visit DarkHorse.com

Top of the Stack 8.1.12

Top of the Stack for August 1, 2012
Check out the SKOTTIE YOUNG cover for Mind the Gap #3!

Beasts of Burden one-shot (Dark Horse) – A pack of neighbor hood dogs and cat protect the community from horrors they don’t even know exist. Evan Dorkin’s frightful and sometimes tearful writing elevated Jill Thompson’s heartaching watercolors to an Eisner Award in 2012.

Hawkeye #1 ,Matt Fraction, David Aja –  What does Clint Barton do when he’s not superheroing? You wanna read this book, Bro.
Harvest #1/5 (Image) –  Medical grade revenge. Not for the the tender.

Avenging Spider-Man #10 – I enjoyed the introduction of Captain Marvel last issue and Terry Dodson draws pretty so I’m back for part two!

Avengers Academy #34 – The school has closed and the kids are looking for what to do next with their traumatized lives. A few decide to take a “cure” for their x-gene. This can only end well.

Defenders #9 – The story builds!

Think Tank #1 (Image, Top Cow) – This is the book you should have put on your Pull List early, so sign up now for a Second Printing!  I immediately loved Matt Hawkins’ and Rahsan Ekedal’s “sci-spi” conundrum of a super-scientist who has found his conscience. Most of the products the tank of thinkers produce become weaponized and Dr. David Loren begins upsetting the natural order of DARPA. Check out what the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has real people working on right now.

Daredevil #16 – So I asked Titus, “How was Daredevil?” Can you guess his answer? “Really good!”  Foggy discovers Matt’s been hiding something and gives him a time-out.

Mind MGMT #3 (Dark Horse) – This is why comics will always be made in print.  Every part of the page is used to add to the story, especially the paper choice and coloring. An additional story begins on the inside front cover and continues to the back inside cover. The back cover itself is part of a clue that requires the first six issues to complete. Matt Kindt is working really hard to earn your pick. Flip through an issue. See if it catches you like it did me.

Mind the Gap #3 (Image, Jim McAnn) – Skottie Young, you are irresistible! I totally read this because of the trippy illustration on the alternate cover. I loved the first issue, the second fell flat, but number three brought it together. Elle makes a breakthrough!

Sarah’s Picks Week of 7.4.12

    Issues #1

Before Watchmen: OzymandiasLen Wein and Jae Lee keep these prequels strong in the embodiment of their predecessors.










    Issues #2

Mind MGMT – This book contains vital information for all agents. Ultraviolet lenses may be needed to access some codes. W/A Matt Kindt [Dark Horse]










    Ongoing Titles

Rocketeer Adventures 2 #4 – The conclusion to the anthology’s second volume. Stay tuned for Cargo of Doom mini by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee!









Collections/Graphic .Novels

Batman Earth One Original Graphic Novel HCGeoff Johns and Gary Frank take on the Batman in his earliest years, in the vein of J. Michael Straczynski’s Superman Earth One Original Graphic Novel.










Batman & Robin Vol1 Born to Kill HC  -Finally, Bruce Wayne and Damian Wayne are in the title roles, respectively. LOTS of brutality, mostly by the ten-year-old.










Fables Vol 17: Inherit the Wind TP – Bigby and Snow White’s cubs try to move forward after learning a hard lesson about life and death. Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham deliver another volume in their solid library of living fairy tale characters. [Vertigo]










Invincible Vol 16: Family Ties TPRobert Kirkman’s standout superhero epic, illustrated in all it’s battling glory by the unparalleled Ryan Ottley. [Image]










Titus’ Additional

Mike Norton’s Battlepug HC – The artist for Tim Seeley’s rural noir, Revial, collects his webcomic’s “tale of a fearless barbarian, his trusty and freakishly large pug, and evil baby harp seals.” [Dark Horse]







Secret Warriors Omnibus HC – The tome is packed with supplemental issues to Jonathan Hickman’s monumental run with artist Jim Cheung. Worth every penny.

Comics Noir

Merriam-Webster defines “Noir” as crime-fiction featuring hard-boiled, cynical characters and bleak, sleazy settings. Comics have an advantage in this genre because of the dual text and visual elements of their storytelling. Not only can the character narrate the smoky underground, but you can see it before you, the lines of the artist expressing the emotion of the darkness.

Never delved into the Noir genre before? That’s okay, because we at The Comic Book Shop have got you covered! Here’s a selection of the darkest and seediest of the bunch.

The Last of the Innocent, A Criminal Edition by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

Revisit the world of teen-romance, but this time, all those Archie-style characters have grown up and their world is now a lot more complicated than Riverdale’s small town perfection. Follow the main character into the dark reaches of his life, complicated by money, murder, and the American dream. Ed Brubaker is a master of his craft and this is a shining example of why you should care about his works.

Sin City by Frank Miller

Frank Miller brings us a brutal world with stark contrasts of light and dark along with judiciously placed splashes of color to enhance the intensity. “Plus lots of blood.” (Joe Cote)

Spider-Man Noir by Hine & Sapolsky

The year is 1933. This is the story of a Peter Parker born in a different era, with a completely different view of the world. Goblin, the corrupt mob boss, leads a gang of sideshow freaks against an angry young Spider-Man, set on justice. Be drawn into the world of Marvel Noir, a multiple mini-series in an alternate continuity that bring us the darker side of our favorite heroes.

Mystery Men from David Liss & Patrick Zircher

This is Marvel in the Great Depression. This is capes and fedoras. This is corrupt money and the first masked heroes the world has known. Murder and Justice. “It’s just really good. It’s one of my top picks.” (Titus)

Artist Spotlight: Becky Cloonan

Becky Cloonan, most recently the artist on Dark Horse’s Conan The Barbarian, is an Italian born girl with a pencil and the talent to use it. With a beautiful style that at times evokes images of Penny Arcade, Mike Mignola, and scratchboard, she’s continuing to dazzle with her self published comics and a consistent quality of art. Working for Dark Horse, Marvel, Image, and Vertigo, her projects include Dracula the Illustrated Novel, American Virgin, The Guild: Zaboo, and Demo Volume II. In the midst of all this publisher work, she manages to put out her own self-published titles. The most notable of those titles is Wolves, which sold out it’s original print run of 1,000 copies in two months, is “beautiful, haunting, and refreshingly mysterious” according to Mike Mignola.

What Cloonan brings to comic book art is a fresh take on things. Check out some of her work and see for yourself.

Conan The Barbarian (Dark Horse)

Wolves (Becky Cloonan self published)

Special Preview Catch-Up for May 23, 2012

This week Dark Horse Comics releases Resident Alien #1 and Mind MGMT #1 and I’ve read them and I suggest you get them. But there’s a small issue (no pun intended)- these are not the debut appearances for the titles. You’d think you could pick up #1 and start reading but you’d be wrong. Or maybe a little confused. But you won’t be – I’m here to help!

Resident Alien is a four issue mini-series featuring an alien stranded in Patience, USA. The lavendar hued castaway possesses some empathetic traits and minor mind control which help him bide his time until he is rescued. When the town’s doctor is murdered he is asked to lend his medical skills which lead him to become engrossed in solving the mystery.

Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse’s refreshing tale of an alien protagonist originally appeared in the anthology Dark Horse Presents and is collected in Resident Alien #0.

I’m enjoying this series for the slower, small-town pace and the honest sense of wonder our hero h0lds for the community and it’s questionable actions. Although he has the traditional shape of an alien his purple skin and easy smile show he will not be portrayed as a stereotype. With only two issues remaining I’m sad to think the story will be over so soon.

The paper style and muted watercolors alone make Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT stand out from other books on the shelf. And since the creator fully admits to reading trades instead of monthly comics the whole thing is packed with little treats to entice you to part with $3.99 every four weeks.

Look closely and you’ll see each page has blue bleed-breaks with tips from the Mind MGMT field guide. A supplemental story is told on the inside cover pages. The Letters Column divulges secrets and clues to other secrets.  His lures are sweet as his story winding.

A preview of Mind MGMT was included with Mr. Kindt’s one-shot, 3 Story: Secret Files of the Giant Man.

Two years ago everyone on Flight 815 except a little boy suffered complete amnesia which remains to this day. In addition to the mysterious memory loss a passenger as also gone missing.

Best-selling unsolved true crime author Meru has hit a slump and is determined to make her comeback by solving the disappearance of Passenger 121.