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Garth Ennis’ RED TEAM: CrimeNoir – No Capes!

DYNAMITE Publishing Launches Crime Noir Line

with Garth Ennis’ RED TEAM!

  • You like Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips’ CRIMINAL and Diggle & Jock’s LOSERS.

  • You watch HBO’s  The WIRE and FX’s The SHIELD.

  • THE BOYS is over. You want more.

If you agree with any of the above statements, you want to read Garth Ennis & Craig Cermak’s RED TEAM.

Red Team is the story of a Major Crimes task force unit in the NYPD, four of New York’s finest- and smartest- who decide to murder a suspect. Very soon, the worst possible thing that could possibly happen… happens. And that’s just episode one.

Artist CRAIG CERMAK says, “Dark and moody are what I think some of my strong points are artistically, and that is what this series has. Interesting characters, a great premise, and hard situations.”

The seven issue series starts on February 6th. Want to read it?        LET US KNOW or you’ll miss out!

Diamond Comics’ Solicitation for Issue #1: 

Part one: The First-Timers.  Eddie Mellinger, Trudy Giroux, Duke Wylie and George Winburn are Red Team: the NYPD’s elite anti-narcotics unit. They’ve taken down one drug lord after another with a careful blend of meticulous surveillance and applied violence, but their latest case has even them stumped. Their frustration leads them to take extreme measures- setting them on a path from which there can be no coming back. As they’re about to discover, doing the wrong thing can be very, very seductive.

From a Subscriber:

So I was reading Previews last night and was instantaneously compelled to write to you about plugging an up-coming series.

Very seldom do I get overly eager to read a new series about characters I’ve never been introduced to as cameos in other people’s books before. Even less do I get excited about totally brand new characters that no one has ever heard of. This is the exception to the rule. Grab it!      – A. Botts


Red TEam


Did You Know…Shop Edition: Gift Registry

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Did you know we can ReOrder some sold out items?

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Walking Dead #100 Variant Covers – Order by June 17th!

  The following EIGHT covers by SEVEN of today’s best artists will be available for the cover price of $3.99!  Yes, The Walking Dead is usually $2.99 but the anniversary 100th issue is over-sized and extra-awesome!

We need to know by June 17th how many of which cover you want to own so we can order it for you. Sure, you can try your chances that a devoted superfan won’t clear us out on Wednesday afternoon. OR you could just preorder now so you won’t be at Baltimore Comic-Con without an awesome comic to get signed!

     Also available for order: 
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Give us a call, email, or personal delivery message by THIS Sunday, June 17thso you won’t miss out on this milestone issue!

Charlie Adlard Wrap

Charlie Adlard (not final image)

Frank Quitely

Bryan Hitch

Marc Silvestri

Ryan Ottley

Sean Phillips


Todd McFarlane