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Top of the Stack 8.1.12

Top of the Stack for August 1, 2012
Check out the SKOTTIE YOUNG cover for Mind the Gap #3!

Beasts of Burden one-shot (Dark Horse) – A pack of neighbor hood dogs and cat protect the community from horrors they don’t even know exist. Evan Dorkin’s frightful and sometimes tearful writing elevated Jill Thompson’s heartaching watercolors to an Eisner Award in 2012.

Hawkeye #1 ,Matt Fraction, David Aja –  What does Clint Barton do when he’s not superheroing? You wanna read this book, Bro.
Harvest #1/5 (Image) –  Medical grade revenge. Not for the the tender.

Avenging Spider-Man #10 – I enjoyed the introduction of Captain Marvel last issue and Terry Dodson draws pretty so I’m back for part two!

Avengers Academy #34 – The school has closed and the kids are looking for what to do next with their traumatized lives. A few decide to take a “cure” for their x-gene. This can only end well.

Defenders #9 – The story builds!

Think Tank #1 (Image, Top Cow) – This is the book you should have put on your Pull List early, so sign up now for a Second Printing!  I immediately loved Matt Hawkins’ and Rahsan Ekedal’s “sci-spi” conundrum of a super-scientist who has found his conscience. Most of the products the tank of thinkers produce become weaponized and Dr. David Loren begins upsetting the natural order of DARPA. Check out what the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has real people working on right now.

Daredevil #16 – So I asked Titus, “How was Daredevil?” Can you guess his answer? “Really good!”  Foggy discovers Matt’s been hiding something and gives him a time-out.

Mind MGMT #3 (Dark Horse) – This is why comics will always be made in print.  Every part of the page is used to add to the story, especially the paper choice and coloring. An additional story begins on the inside front cover and continues to the back inside cover. The back cover itself is part of a clue that requires the first six issues to complete. Matt Kindt is working really hard to earn your pick. Flip through an issue. See if it catches you like it did me.

Mind the Gap #3 (Image, Jim McAnn) – Skottie Young, you are irresistible! I totally read this because of the trippy illustration on the alternate cover. I loved the first issue, the second fell flat, but number three brought it together. Elle makes a breakthrough!


One Comment on “Top of the Stack 8.1.12”

  1. Pennooch says:

    Your “Top of the Stack” (which sounds more like a British breakfast spot) is almost identical to my pull list. I will add one mention, however: Thief of Thieves #7. This slow burn story from Kirkman and Spencer reaches its opening-arc conclusion and feels appropriately like Oceans Eleven. If you weren’t reading this story, grab the trade. It’s a real slick time.

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