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Team Superman Sam Update 6.28.12

  It’s been a little more than a week since we first heard about and shared Superman Sam’s story.  We’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of emails and support from local customers, cosplay groups, and creators in the comics industry. We are especially grateful to Gail Simone, Adam Hughes, and Justin Gray for their participation in spreading the word.  THANK YOU, Everyone!!

  Yesterday we send the first of several care packages to Sam at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.  We were only able to write the personalized messages on about half of the pictures we received and will be sending the rest in waves.

  Sam’s mom posted a quick Q+A about what they do (and don’t) need and what to do if you want to help anyway.  PS- He really loves turtles and frogs!!

  From SupermanSamuel.blogspot.com:

Feel free to contact Am Shalom 847-835-4800 or B’nai Torah 847-433-7100 if you’d like to speak with someone close to the family who can speak on their behalf.

Prayers help too.
Sam’s Hebrew name is Shmuel Asher ben haRav Pesah Esther
Pray in whatever language you know and love. God will understand.

**Send your support directly to Sam: Sam Sommer, E571,  Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin,  P.O. Box 1997,  Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-1997**


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