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The Walking Dead #100 Midnight Release Party + IMAGE SALE!!

You have two choices:

  • Get the BIGGEST single comic of 2012 early by coming to our zombie party on TUESDAY, July 10th.
  • Have all the gruesome, gory, gut-wrenching details spoiled for you by the populace at large.


Tuesday, July 10th  7p-1a

Here’s what you’ll miss if you don’t come:

25% OFF ALL Image Graphic Novels!

50% OFF ALL Image Back Issues!

25% OFF ALL Image Display Case Books!

**PREPAY  for your TWD #100 issues anytime after 7pm and pick them up at your convenience later! (Not before 12:01am)**


Each copy of TWD #100 you buy gets you ONE entry in your choice of door prizes!

Come in zombie gear and get ANOTHER entry!

*Advance Orders ARE eligible for all specials!*

Door Prizes:

  • TWD Companion Books: Rise of the Governor, TWD Philosophy, TWD Chronicles (details the comic VS tv show), and TWD Covers
  • TWD #100 Poster signed by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard!

Charlie Adlard Wrap Cover / Poster


5 Comments on “The Walking Dead #100 Midnight Release Party + IMAGE SALE!!”

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