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Walking Dead #100 Variant Covers – Order by June 17th!

  The following EIGHT covers by SEVEN of today’s best artists will be available for the cover price of $3.99!  Yes, The Walking Dead is usually $2.99 but the anniversary 100th issue is over-sized and extra-awesome!

We need to know by June 17th how many of which cover you want to own so we can order it for you. Sure, you can try your chances that a devoted superfan won’t clear us out on Wednesday afternoon. OR you could just preorder now so you won’t be at Baltimore Comic-Con without an awesome comic to get signed!

     Also available for order: 
  • Chromium Wrap Cover   $9.99
  • Issue #100 Wrap Cover POSTER   $9.99


Give us a call, email, or personal delivery message by THIS Sunday, June 17thso you won’t miss out on this milestone issue!

Charlie Adlard Wrap

Charlie Adlard (not final image)

Frank Quitely

Bryan Hitch

Marc Silvestri

Ryan Ottley

Sean Phillips


Todd McFarlane


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