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Uncanny Avengers Release Party! Wednesday, October 10th

And so, Captain America said, Everybody hug it out. And they did.

Join us for the next step in Human-Mutant relations as Rick Remender and John Cassaday bring us UNCANNY AVENGERS #1!

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10th, 2012    11am to 8pm

We’ve got some SWAG (in limited quantities) and sweet deals going on ALL DAY LONG!

*ALL Avengers and X-Men Hardcovers and Paperbacks 25% OFF!

*ALL Avengers and X-Men Back Issues In Bins 50% OFF!

*ALL Avengers and X-Men Display Case Books 25% OFF!   (key issues+variant covers)

*Enter to win One Year’s Subscription to Uncanny Avengers!

*Enter to win a special Retailer Variant Cover of Uncanny Avengers #1, personalized to     The Comic Book Shop! There are only TWO of these in existence and YOU could have one!


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